Our Philosophy

As a company, we want to make an active contribution to reducing our impact on the environment. By purchasing all products in our region, we avoid long transport distances and thus pollutant emissions. We also act responsibly towards the environment by using ecological building materials. Economy and ecology are not contradictory for us.

You as our customer are always at the centre of our attention: We have won the trust of our customers through our expert advice, efficient production and not least through rational construction procedures. We rely on a high understanding of quality, where satisfied customers are our declared goal. If you are satisfied as a customer, then this is a gain for us and at the same time an incentive for the future.

Our employees are qualified specialists, each of whom has his own individual strengths, which are united in one company. Reliability and competence distinguish our team, which not only works together, but also complements each other. We invest in our future through the annual creation of training positions. All these criteria make it possible for us to achieve our goals as a company.

As a company, we have built up a network of experienced, reliable subcontractors and suppliers over the years, with whom we maintain good, fair and long-term cooperation. At the beginning of each project we define the goals, clear agreements are for us an expression of professionalism. Because even the best business relationships only work on the basis of detailed agreements that both sides can use as a basis for orientation.

Today we, the Rombach company, are an efficient family business with more than 80 years of experience with wood as a recyclable material. Our wide range of services extends from individual timber house construction to industrial construction. Our claim covers a continuous growth, because only in this way the independence of our family business sets the course for a successful future.

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