Building with solid wood

Our NUR-HOLZ houses convince all along the line

They enable extremely short construction times, lower maintenance costs, lower energy consumption and a long service life of the building. No potential for contaminated sites and therefore stable value retention. The NUR-HOLZ construction method thus offers a unique ecological and economic future security. The massive NUR-HOLZ elements serve as energy storage and can therefore save up to half the energy costs compared to conventional construction methods. Pure wood offers an ideal building substance for decades or even centuries. At the end of the use phase, after dismantling, a new raw material is produced through rotting or composting.
NUR-HOLZ is an ecologically valuable solid wood system that is completely Co² neutral. Thanks to the wood construction method, 2 tons of Co² per cbm of wood can be saved, which at the same time creates a positive effect for the environment and climate.

It is not only ecological aspects that speak in favour of bringing solid wood construction increasingly into inner cities and modern new development areas. Also hard, economic facts speak for our buildings from NUR-HOLZ solid wood elements: Significantly narrower wall thicknesses in contrast to conventional construction methods increase valuable space potential. This "slim" construction option offers a space gain of up to 10% and thus reduces one of the most important cost factors or increases the valuable living space. Season-independent prefabrication enables faster completion of your house, saves construction and maintenance costs and reduces the risk of construction defects. Lower or no additional energy requirements reduce your operating costs.

NUR-HOLZ - infinite possibilities

Countless design variants can be realised with wood. Characteristic rooms that radiate warmth and security. Lively and elegant, antique or minimalist. Or simply completely natural - also in harmony with other materials, such as clay or mineral plaster, tiles, wallpaper, fabrics and much more. Your wooden surfaces can also be treated with ecological waxes and glazes in various colours.
Walls, ceilings and floors made of wood offer countless possibilities in interior design - just like conventional building materials. However, if you consciously avoid the use of chemical plasters and paints, you can maintain a healthy indoor climate and have nature within your own four walls.



NUR-HOLZ - Living and working, learning and living in solid wood

Future-oriented clients are increasingly opting for biologically sound construction. NUR-HOLZ not only offers guaranteed quality, but also enables the greatest possible flexibility - for example through self-supporting ceiling elements and statically self-supporting exterior walls. Whether you want to build a new property, extend or extend an existing one - no problem with NUR-HOLZ. Even multi-storey residential and office buildings, schools, kindergartens, hotels, shops, restaurants and even churches, town halls or sports facilities can be realised in NUR-HOLZ.



NUR-HOLZ Assembly - erected in the shortest possible time

The assembly of a building NUR-HOLZ is carried out by an experienced construction service provider from our partner network. Prerequisite is a prepared foundation with base plate, optionally with or without cellar. The construction of the shell of a single-family house made of NUR-HOLZ usually takes place within one week.
For the quick and safe assembly of the precisely prefabricated wall, ceiling and roof elements, all necessary fasteners as well as detailed and easy to understand construction plans are supplied. This enables simple and safe installation.
The NUR-HOLZ elements are already designed with window and door cut-outs according to the preliminary planning, if desired also with installation levels, so that the further expansion of the building can proceed quickly.
On request, our network partners also offer various expansion stages, for example, where all windows, doors, cables, etc. are already installed, right up to turnkey buildings including interior finishing.

Videos on the construction of a NUR-HOLZ house under Home page/News/Videos


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