The NUR-HOLZ Screw - Unique Fastener

Even our forefathers knew how to make screws out of wood, for example for a vice or a grape press. We used this process and developed a new type of wood screw.

The innovative, patented construction method developed by us with the fully threaded screw made of beech wood offers you a unique security of the board layer connection.

During the production of NUR-HOLZ solid wood elements, board layers are laid in cross and diagonal layers on an assembly table. Then a blind hole is drilled and the solid wood thread screw is screwed in. This absorbs the ambient moisture of the surrounding board layers, swells up and thus bonds inseparably with the surrounding wood.

Extensive tests have shown that a threaded ring of the solid NUR-HOLZ beech screw has a pull-out value of 100 kg.

NUR-HOLZ Wall, ceiling & roof elements

The NUR-HOLZ elements are manufactured individually. We offer exterior and interior walls with thicknesses from 12.5 cm to 35.0 cm as well as ceiling and roof elements of 17.9 cm or 20.8 cm and a span width of up to 6.0 m. The ceiling element is often also used as a finished floor.

Due to their quality the NUR-HOLZ elements are excellently suited for a diffusion-open, mono-material construction method.

The individual elements are prefabricated to fit exactly, including window and door openings as well as e.g. preparation for supply lines (cable and pipe slots).

The wall surface can be finished in high-quality visible quality, on request with various types of wood (e.g. Swiss stone pine, old wood, silver fir), as a brushed surface or in non-visible quality. The non-visible quality is suitable for subsequent surface finishing such as clay plasters, tiles, wallpaper and many more. The wood screws are not visible in the wood surface connected by tongue and groove.

The inner board layers consist of carefully processed softwood (spruce and fir) arranged in different directions (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). These are screwed together without distortion or expansion and at the same time serve for statics, insulation and fire protection.

Traditional craftsmanship & state-of-the-art machinery

At NUR-HOLZ production, highly trained timber construction specialists take care of the sifting, sorting and layering of the individual board layers of the later NUR-HOLZ elements.

The wall, ceiling and roof elements measuring up to 2.90 m x 8.60 m are manufactured on the latest CNC machines. The equipment specially specified for us is capable of producing even complex shapes largely automatically. Laser-controlled, the elements are screwed together, cut to size and precisely milled. At the end of the production process, the surfaces are finished with particularly careful grinding using a large-format wide-belt sanding machine.

As a leading joinery company, we can also adapt the NUR-HOLZ elements to combinations with other components and cut other woods required for your construction to fit precisely.

Ecological construction means environmentally friendly production for us. No waste is generated during production - all wood residues are used for our own closed energy cycle. The glue- and chemical-free processing of the woods excludes environmental or health hazards and is maximum energy-saving.

NUR-HOLZ insulated

With NUR-HOLZ insulated, a combination of natural wood and wood fibre insulation boards is used.
In this context, the NUR-HOLZ screw serves as a spacer for the wood layers between which the insulation is placed.

In the development of new building products, the demands made on statics, heat, fire, heat, moisture and sound insulation must be met, production-related possibilities must be considered and installation-friendly processes must be guaranteed. A high degree of prefabrication greatly reduces construction times on the building site and ensures the quality of the execution. This pleases the client! The construction of resource-saving houses also requires a sensible mix of materials with regionally available, renewable raw materials.

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