Rombach - Family and Company

Rombach can look back on a long and exciting company history.

In 1934 Leonhard Rombach founded his own company as a young carpenter. In 1967 he hands over the carpentry business to his son Heinrich Rombach. Heinrich Rombach can not only take over a successful business, he also uses the opportunity and continuously expands the scope of services of the family business.

In 1985 Rolf Rombach begins his apprenticeship as a carpenter in his parents' company. After successfully passing the master craftsman examination in 1992, he founded the company Rombach Bauholz + Abbund GmbH together with his father Heinrich.

With the foundation of this second company, the foundation stone was laid for joinery and industrial production in timber frame construction. At this time expansion in Oberharmersbach is not possible, so that a site in Oppenau-Ramsbach is purchased for the production site of Rombach Bauholz + Abbund GmbH.

In the same year, a large production hall is built there for a rational and modern working method in the field of timber frame construction and joinery.

The newly founded timber framing and timber frame construction company is essentially set up and managed by Rolf Rombach, while his father Heinrich Rombach continues to manage the traditional carpentry business.

Since 1998, Rolf Rombach has been the third generation to head the Rombach companies, as he also takes over the carpentry business from his father. Since then Rolf Rombach has been investing in the future. Today, the family business offers its customers a wide range of products.

This includes traditional carpentry work as well as joinery with state-of-the-art CNC machines. Since 2009, the "NUR-HOLZ" solid wood system developed by Rolf Rombach has been manufactured, comprising wall, ceiling and roof elements.

In 2014 a specially manufactured, fully automatic production line for NUR-HOLZ elements will be put into operation. Since then, the long-established Rombach company has been one of the market leaders in the sector when it comes to the purely ecological construction of solid timber houses.

To simplify the operational process, the timber frame and timber frame construction will be relocated from Oppenau to Oberharmersbach at the turn of the year 2014/2015.

From a small craft business to a modern company with meanwhile 80 employees - that was a long way for the company and also for the Rombach family. The company will continue along this path. The next generation, daughter Katja, has already successfully completed her training as a carpenter and further training as a master carpenter and has been working in the company ever since.

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