Feel good in wood

NUR-HOLZ houses are "breathable" and can be built and furnished without chemicals. Ideal for everyone who wants to live in an oasis of well-being.

The NUR-HOLZ construction method convinces with various advantages. The pleasant scent, the warm, comfortable atmosphere and the ideal humidity in a natural wooden environment are not only a true fountain of youth for body, mind and soul, but also for all those who want to live and work in a natural environment and who care about their well-being.

An open-pored, breathable wood surface catalyses odours and pollutants. The fine scent of the essential oils, the typical wood scent, encourages you to breathe deeply.

The positive effect on the organism has even been scientifically proven. Studies by the Human Institute Graz have shown that a natural wooden environment calms people down. As a result, fewer stress hormones are released, the heart beats up to 8,500 times less daily and a restful sleep is promoted. This in turn increases our performance, our creativity and our joie de vivre.

Another aspect is the antibacterial effect of wood and thus hygiene in everyday life.

According to current studies, bacteria do not survive 24 hours on dry wooden surfaces, while they feel so comfortable in the mostly acidic environment of plastic surfaces that they multiply rapidly.

Thus the natural building material wood influences far more than our well-being - wood has a positive effect on us.



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