energy efficiency

Energy efficiency - storing heat and saving costs

In contrast to conventional construction methods or modern lightweight construction, buildings made of NUR-HOLZ offer the highest heat storage capacity due to the solid wood used.

At the same time, a long cooling period and a balanced room climate without large temperature fluctuations guarantee low operating costs for heating and cooling.

A heating system in a cold room with concrete or brick walls must always first heat the stone, but wooden walls and ceilings immediately reflect the heat. This feels better and saves heating costs.

Walls made of our NUR-HOLZ elements can be considerably thinner compared to conventional construction elements in order to achieve the same or even better thermal insulation values.

Whether designed as a plus energy house, passive house, energy efficiency house or low-energy house, NUR-HOLZ provides the best thermal insulation - in winter against cold, in summer against heat.

With our solid wood elements we set new economic standards. In contrast to relatively short-lived thermal insulation composite systems, NUR-HOLZ walls do not lose their insulating and protective properties over decades.

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